Prepping bikes before Montreal by spedanyc

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⚪️never not the right time for #espresso⚫️

Accidental Coordination x #TheCreatives by longlivethecreatives
                                             ”White Dress”
[Hook]Just me and you girl(Wooooah oooh)Just me and you girl(Wooooah oooh)Tryna sneak upstairs to your apartmentAren’t you a sight for red eyesI just flew in and slipped in on your left sideJust a satin gown, you asleep with no makeupI’m just tryna be inside you ‘fore you wake up[Hook]Just me and you girl(Wooooah oooh)Just me and you girl(Wooooah oooh)We have problems but thats all in the pastEverybody got problems baby I got a pastRemember I used to do things that would make you laughLike ordering girl drinks in a masculine glassYou like pina coladas, getting caught in the rainOr rocking flannels all summer like Kurt CobainOr that Dolce Gabbana with a few gold chainsAnd you the type of girl that probably deserve a new last nameBut they never let us do our thingEverybody lying on who I bangWe was on fire but they blew our flameAin’t no denying baby you have changedCause now your high heels clickingYour lip gloss glistenYour hips start switchingYou’re pissed off, trippingCause even when we’re kissing baby girl feel differentFriends all diss him like ‘no he didn’t?’No he didn’t, is you talking about Kitten?Is that bitch still stripping?Tryna to get a pair of Christian’s?I swear to God that they got you going crazyBut you play it off and say how it’s work babyWell some of the models is too coked to walk straightBut seem to still love the man that they all hateBut babe I call you back and say that you say that alwaysIt kept me on the phone and demanded they alwaysSee, she knew about all my lies the whole timeNow my credit so bad I can’t get no one to co-signI woulda thought she woulda busted a dope crimeBut she up and left a nigga and she aint give me no signNow she back in the club in a tight dressWith dreams of someday wearing a white dressSeen with some lame, it’s a miracle that she’a talk to a niggawith a ten year ago swagPlus I don’t like none of her girlfriendsQuote unquote cause her girlfriends got girlfriendsOn the phone hollin’ at niggas is wateverLets fly to Euro make this the best summer everNow she headed to Rome, Rome is the homeRome is where she act like she aint got no fucking phoneI accept that I was wrong, except a nigga grownSo I can’t bitch and moan in a session gettin stonedSo a nigga had to hop on a planeA bus and a train to try and come talk and explainRented the whole bottom floor for a candle light dinnerTurned the lights out and put my candle right in herAnd told her even though I met you in a club in a tight dressAt first sight I can picture you in a white dress30 foot train, diamond from LorraineJust to make up for all the years and the painFamily on both sides I’m so glad you cameAuntie couldn’t make it, oh no, thats a shameWedding in June, what could be betterLets fly to Euro make this the best summer everTake the very last car of the EurostarTell the conductor just drive so farTold some of your friends and they wasn’t excitedWell we’ll go to the country side and they won’t be invitedWe will not be disturbed by the fussing and fightingTell peaches light the herb, we just re-united, we just re-unitedLets make a move on these herds, go somewhere privateI’m talking just me and you and a plane and a pilot

Busting out the bathing suits for the first time in like 2 years
there are no labels on the sides of this repurposed bottle, but the contents do all the talking. I make a conscious effort to sample Ginger Beer at almost every stop I’ve made on the globe, and still, to this day, NOTHING even comes close to reproducing the feeling of coming home, heading straight for the fridge and grabbing a bottle of my old man’s, blood, sweat, and tears GB. handmade start to finish, your favorite brand’s got nadda on this right here💯 #gingerbeer